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Strategic IT: What do you need to know to optimize the sector?

See the basic steps to turn your IT in a strategic sector within your company as well as the innovation motor of your company.

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Quick Development: understand what it is and why to use Low-code

Learn how to use Low-code, the reasons for using it and the known impact on the market.

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7 frameworks that make software development quicker

Get to know the main frameworks that can bring your team benefits and guarantee a more agile development process.

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Software development trends

Software production quality is a criteria of extreme importance for the companies that decide to invest on this resource.

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More agile methods on software development projects

More agile methodologies are giving new power to technology managers in the market, thanks to frameworks and tools capable of structuring and developing like never before.

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BPMN: The guide to business process management on the public sector

Well built strategies and adequate tools are some of the secrets for a successful performance.

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RAD - The complete guide for Developers

See how RAD can help you producing more in less time, with a quality product ready to deliver to the client.

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Complete guide to software development

Check this step by step development project, from planning to deliver.

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Guide to risk management on software development

To realize an efficient risk management it is important to understand which points must be analysed. Check some crucial strategies.

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