Create incredible software in record time!

Cronapp has revolutionized software development so you can be free to create and implement solutions as fast as your business transforms.

A Low-Code

Normally, applications are created to meet specific demands. However, much of the development is similar to other systems produced in the past.

Cronapp is a hybrid development platform using both low-code and high-code approaches. It provides a library with hundreds of programming blocks with preconfigured functions, logic, and plugins.

Our Clients

Cronapp can better attend your programming needs

Finish in hours what would take days of development

Using pre configured blocks speed up your development process.

Best cost-benefit in the market

Prototype development is quicker and you save time and money on the software creating process.

Develop for web and mobile

The platform allows the creation of apps, dashboards, chatbots and any other kind(type) of system.


Your projects won't be attached to any proprietary technology.

Transparent licensing

Licensing for final users is entirely free.

In the Cloud or

You choose the environment for creating your projects from our IDE: cloud or on-premise.


Cronapp allows the use of any plugins that facilitate the integration with external systems.

A hybrid platorm

Take advantage of low-code (acceleration) and hight-code (control) development.

What is the word of mouth about us?

Productivity and Control

Cronapp combines the low-code productivity to the high-code versatility, allowing the developer direct, readable and documented access to the code.

high productivity

Choose your environment

Cronapp allows for cloud development or on-premise, The choice is yours.

Publish in a click

Publish finished projects or beta versions at ease!

No configuration required

No wasted time on software configuration. On Cronapp you can access your web browser and start.

Mobile apps

Creat apps for iOS and Android and test in real time your project on all screen sizes.

High-Code and Low-Code

Develop apps using a reutilization of components concept both in low-code or high-code.

Programing blocks

Higher focus on logic and less on language. Standardize and design the blocks to better optimize your development.

Cronapp’s software factory

Cronapp’s software factory can develop the project your business requires, quickly while maintaining the excellence of the final product. Our team has experts on the most diverse areas of software and design, constantly creating modern systems with open source technologies from all over the market.

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Why choose Cronapp?

Creating software in a traditional way is slow, expensive and complex. But, with a Low-code development platform it is possible to speed up this process and create incredible programs.

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